5 proven ways to market your axe throwing venue

One industry we’ve seen huge growth in over the past 2 years is the axe throwing industry, with venues across the globe launching to provide something different to the indoor leisure and entertainment industry.

However, with more venues comes more competition. Not to mention similar industries like escape rooms, VR, and adventure golf are also targeting a very similar segment of the market. You need to make sure you’re gaining visibility among your target market.

Having worked with a number of axe throwing venues, like Batl Axe, for example, we’ve seen how they successfully keep guests coming back to their venue as well as getting new guests through their front doors, so we’ve put together a list of 5 proven ways to market your axe throwing venues to help you make sure 2024 is a bullseye 🎯.

Get Social

Social media can be one of the most effective ways to get your messaging in front of your target audience. You can use this to get different types of content out, from showcasing any new installations at your axe throwing venue, behind the scenes content, tips on how guests can boost their axe throwing performance at your venue and finally guest testimonials.

You’ll also want to consider the social media channels most prominently used, depending on your demographic of guests. This could be a combination of Instagram and TikTok or Instagram and Facebook, for example.

Finally you can also try to encourage your guests to create and share user generated content, as this often carries a lot of clout with their social peers – if there are influencers you could get in to review and create content at your axe throwing venue then that’s even better, as it allows you to utilise their large audiences.

Use good, quality creative content in your marketing

Spending time or budget to create good imagery and content that showcases your axe-throwing brand can really help boost the perception of your venues as a high-quality experience for guests.

If this isn’t something you are able to do in house, then you can look for reasonably priced freelancers on sites such as Upwork who will be able to assist with photography, graphics and content for your marketing campaigns.

Along with great imagery and video content you also need to ensure that you’re marketing messaging is fitting and on brand with your company values, with creative messaging enticing guests to visit your venues and making you stand out from the rest.

Feedback is essential

We already alluded to the importance of Google reviews earlier in this post, but it’s crucial to garner reviews across platforms as you don’t know where potential guests could find you, so a couple of key examples we’ve seen are:

  • Google
  • TripAdvisor
  • Facebook
  • Expedia
  • Local Directories

It’s also important to respond to feedback, both good and bad, to show you appreciate guests taking the time to review you, and also acknowledge any negative feedback and how you can potentially rectify the situation – showing you listen to guest feedback can go a long way in their estimations.

Make sure you can be found in your area

One of the lowest hanging fruits available to axe throwing venues is to make sure their local SEO is on point.

If you’re not overtly familiar with local SEO, it simply means search engine optimisation which is focused around your search engine presence in local searches e.g. “axe throwing in [location]”, or “fun bars near me” and so forth.

Here’s how you can optimise your presence:

  • Keywords. Research and use the correct keywords that are relevant to your axe throwing venues location and what you offer to potential guests. Along with the two examples mentioned above, you could also look at search terms such as “best nights out near me / [location]”, “axe throwing venues near me” and so forth.
  • Have a strong Google Business listing. Your Google listing should have your business name, correct opening hours and contact details as well as some images that best show case your venue. We’d also encourage you to try and get reviews here too as this can help boost your ranking as well as validate your offering to the market.
  • Individual location pages. If you’ve got multiple locations then its important that each location has it’s own landing page on your website that applies the principles outlined above, as well as including unique content for each location and carrying over any location specific information.
  • Keep your information consistent. Make sure all of your key information and contact details are correct across all platforms, such as Google business, your website, affiliates, social media and local directories to ensure people can easily contact you no matter where they discover you.

Build relationships with other local businesses

Building relationships with businesses in your area can pay massive dividends in reaching a wider audience, as well as boosting revisitation among previous guests.

It’s key to make sure any partners you want to work with align with your values and are a good fit from a business perspective, for example an axe throwing venue working with a children’s soft play venue as partners probably isn’t the most logical fit.

Another idea for a great partnership for your axe throwing venue is if you are based in a tourist hot spot – especially stag / bachelor parties – then partnering up with local accommodation venues to offer a discount can be a great way to get tourists into your venue.

We hope this has provides a few ideas on how best to market your axe throwing venue for 2024, and if you want some further insight in how BookNow Software supports axe throwing businesses just take a look at our product tour below.

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