7 ways to sell more tickets to your venues in 2023

Like seemingly the start of every year, the first 4 months of 2023 have absolutely flown by. With spring now here, you’re probably in the process of thinking about how you can ensure spring and summer 2023 is your biggest year yet – and obviously one obvious way to achieve this is through selling more tickets to your venues. 

With over 350 locations using BookNow Software across the globe, we’ve seen some great ways businesses have grown their ticket sales with us, as well as our own experience of owning one of Europe’s first Trampoline Park businesses, alongside a Salesforce consultancy firms. 

So without further ado below are just 6 ways you can boost your ticket sales for the rest of 2023, and smash your performance goals:

1. Optimise & improve the online booking experience

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important part of boosting your ticket sales is ensuring that your main source of bookings, your website, is perfectly optimised to convert website visitors into paying customers.

 Some key things to consider here are:

  • Ensure you actually sell tickets online!
  • Make sure your booking system loads quickly – website users are not patient.
  • Have as few steps as possible as a part of your booking process – the more steps, the more likely your users bounce.
  • Over 75% of the traffic we see on our customers booking software is via mobile devices, so ensure your system is optimised for mobile. 

2. Reduce friction throughout the customer journey

We’ve already covered some ways your customers can run into friction as a part of the booking system above, but there is also the chance that they can encounter friction through their journey with you – here are some examples of friction, and how to overcome them in your business so you not only get visitors in once, but ensure they have a positive experience and become repeat ticket buyer.

  • Hard to book – As well as the tips outlined above, also make sure you have clear Call-To-Actions (CTA) buttons on your website that take website visitors straight to the booking form.
  • A long wait to get in – Use QR Codes so your guests can easily scan themselves in at the front of house.
  • Queueing for food and beverages – As above, use a QR code scanning and self service around your venue so guests can order food to their table.
  • Sounds obvious, but make sure your sign posting is clear and all key areas, like bathrooms, are easy to locate!
  • Make guests feel important – Follow up post visit with automated emails thanking them for their visit, ask for feedback and provide a discount code for their next visit in exchange for feedback.

3. Offer payment a range of ways

There has never been as many ways for consumers to pay as there is in 2023, and you need to ensure that you’re able to meet the demands of modern customers through their preferred choice of payment methods – whether that’s the standard debit or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or buy now, pay later options like Klarna. 

This is why we elected to partner with Stripe – to ensure our customers could take advantage of having a wide range of payment options available for their guests. 

4. Promote your membership scheme

Whilst normal guests are clearly great for your business, if you don’t already have one, one thing you could consider introducing is a membership scheme to ensure you have consistent income to your business – we see this contribute more than 10% of total entrances to venues from our customers that use memberships.

You can promote this through traditional means such as marketing emails, social media and your website, but also include it as a part of the booking process to show users potential savings by becoming members. 

5. Use reporting to truly understand your performance

Using detailed reporting, you can really dig deep into all aspects of your business performance, most importantly, ticket sales. 

For example, when are you selling the most tickets on a daily & hourly basis? Optimise your marketing to make sure you’re hitting your database and potential customers in this time frame. You can also drill down further to really understand your audience better, and really get targeted with the type of people your marketing is geared towards.

6. Focus on your most important channels 

Using reporting you can also identify your most successful marketing channels, and really drill down on these. 

For example if 63% of your bookings come via social media advertising, and only 12% via Google Search advertising then it’s clear that you should ensure your budget spend reflects this to ensure you’re getting the most out of the channels you see the most success with. 

7. Spread the love with gift cards

What better way to boost footfall than selling gift cards to your venues?

This can have the added benefit of adding brand new customers to your CRM too, with people who already love your venues gifting the experience to their friends and family who may not have visited before.

If you’d like to see how businesses just like yours are utilising BookNow Software to sell more tickets, just hit the link here or get in touch with us below to ask any direct questions. 

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