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More than just booking software.

End to End software for leisure and entertainment businesses powered by Saleforce.com.

BookNow Software powers leisure and entertainment venues on 6 continents.

What is End to end? BookNow comprises of Online Booking and Ticketing, Point of Sale, CRM, Digital Waivers, Physical and Digital gift card solutions, RFID, Self Service Kiosk, Automated Marketing, Email and SMS.

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    Reduce your costs
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    Increase your revenue
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    Increase your customer satisfaction



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Fast and secure

Built on salesforce.com technology, the world's fastest growing software provider. Currently the salesforce community enjoys growth of 30% YOY with a run rate of $13Bn per annum.

Salesforce.com is the inventor of 'the Cloud' and offers fast, robust cloud based, enterprise platform services.

BookNow Software customers benefit from all of the features of salesforce platform services, offering a truly globally scalable enterprise solution.

Customer centric

Good intuitive design makes interaction with BookNow simple.

Understanding your customer is key to marketing effectively.

understanding favoured communication channels, buying patterns, products of interest and family demographics.

BookNow Software gives a 360° view of the customer, making marketing segmentation and customer loyalty schemes a piece of cake.

Fully supported

BookNow Software is built with customers at its core. Customers like YOU.

How many times have you logged a support ticket that doesn't get answered? BookNow support is modelled on a proven customer centric model, connecting you directly to someone that can help.

Facts About BookNow

  • Over $180,000,000.00 transacted yearly on Booknow Software.
  • Trading on 6 continents.
  • Fully translatable into any language.
  • 12,300,000 people interacting with booknow software annually.
  • 40,000,000 Communications automatically sent to customers annually.
  • Over 10,000 integrated applications


Our software is built to ensure you deliver the entire customer journey from start to finish. From ticket sales, capacity management.


Powered by salesforce marketing cloud the fastest growing marketing and commence cloud in the market.


BookNow software provides a simple to use single sign in interface for all of your operational requirements across one or multiple sites,


BookNow reporting solutions powered by salesforce provides your business with insights into your Key Performance Indicators.

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