A Letter to our Customers Regarding COVID-19

For the first time in a lot of our lifetimes we are going through a very unfamiliar and unpredictable time. COVID-19 is the worst pandemic of generations and is having the greatest commercial impact since WW2, especially on the leisure, hospitality and (most) retail industries.

BookNow Software want to praise our government for their proactive approach and strategy towards the current situation, and their support towards business’ and their employees to ensure the country can pick up where we left off once this has all passed.

Two weeks ago on 20th March 2020 Boris Johnson announced all leisure facilities will need to close their doors that evening for the foreseeable future to stop the spread the virus. Whilst this was the right call for the country, it has had a huge impact on leisure business’. With no customers means no revenue but rent and overheads still to be paid, no employees needed to run the centres but mortgages to be paid and mouths to feed, it’s a difficult and concerning time for the industry but we understand. We at Booknow Software come from the leisure industry, we know what it takes to keep these centres alive and we understand the impact on works and business owners a like.

Some booking system providers have been offering marginal discounts, and whilst it’s great that some support has been offered we thought in such extreme circumstances this wasn’t enough for us. Which is why we have put up to a 3 month pause on billing to match the predicted 12 week social distancing strategy.

We want all our customers to make it through this unpredictable period and pick up trading as soon as possible, so we will do all we can to help you through it. Our customers are our number one priority, without you there would be no Booknow Software. So we are always on hand for any questions or queries through this time and are excited to help you book in hundreds (?) of guests when normal life resumes, we’ll make sure we, and you, are ready to take more bookings than before as the general public are going to want more fun days out than ever before!

All Booknow Software employees are working from the safety of their homes so please make contact with any questions or queries.

We will be sure to keep you updated as we monitor the constantly developing situation.

Wishing you, your families and employees the best during this time from everyone at Booknow Software.


Luke Sims

CEO – Booknow Software Ltd

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