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Our CEO, Luke, recently spent some time looking into the latest COVID-19 Vaccine data in the UK and what it means for the potential reopening of Entertainment and Attraction venues, and shared the post on LinkedIn – we thought it would also be worth including on our website too, or if you want to comment on LinkedIn, you can find the original post here

Like most of the leisure and entertainment sector, the indoor entertainment industry has been impacted massively by the COVID-19 pandemic – nearly 10 months on from the introduction of the first lockdown restrictions and attractions remain closed in the UK (huge sympathy for soft play centres and inflatable parks in Scotland who have been restricted from opening since March 2020). However, with a third vaccine approved last week, and a rollout of vaccinations across the UK we’ve spent some time researching the figures and are optimistic that there may finally be some light at the end of the tunnel for us.

Unlike the last lockdown, with nothing slowing the spread of the virus other than a lack of contact, the vaccine should be accelerating protection. This link confirms our current rate of vaccination is c.200,000 per day. Assuming this doesn’t accelerate (which is unlikely) the country should achieve total herd immunity in less than 200 days (assuming we were concerned with the vaccination of the entire population) from the first vaccine shot being delivered.

However, we must also consider that 3 million people in the UK currently have natural immunity having contracted coronavirus. Additionally, statistically the disease is only likely to be fatal if you’re over 60 or have pre existing health conditions. According to MHA, the population in the UK that is over 60 is c.15.5M (21% of the UK population) at the time of writing, we have currently vaccinated 1.3m people, almost all of whom will represent people over 60.

With this in mind we have about 14.2m to go before this disease is far less deadly (and as we know, politicians are really focused on the death rate and capacity of the NHS) and impactful on the way our society lives it’s life, with the current rate of vaccination we should then have all vulnerable people vaccinated in 70 days. Although Matt Hancock has stated a more ambitious goal of 14 Million by Mid February (which is just 34 days from the day I write this). It will involve the 7 vaccination centres in the UK increasing to 14 within the next 5 days to achieve this goal (fingers crossed Mr Hancock knows something we don’t!).

Despite currently being pessimistic about 14 million vaccinations by Mid-February I do believe the infection rate and death rate will be down to a more manageable level by the February half-term meaning the lockdown will likely be eased, kids will go back to school, retail will open with restrictions and some controllable leisure will reopen.

By mid-March we believe the UK will begin allowing leisure operators to open and begin trading. We believe there will still be measures in place to reduce spread in the younger community but we believe the industry will be open for business.

Finally, this leaves us hopeful that the brakes will be off completely by May and the industry will be operating significantly similar to how it did prior to March 2020 🤞.

What are your thoughts? Whether you have a differing opinion, or want to find out more about how BookNow Software can support you as venues reopen,  send us a message using the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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