Why RFID is a must for Trampoline Parks

Every year we see an increase in demand for RFID products within Trampoline Parks, with a huge number of advantages to be had by switching to RFID, including increased security to generating extra revenue streams.

So, what are the benefits of RFID?

In today’s blog we have broken this down into 3 separate areas, including customer service, cashless payments and marketing. Ultimately, most parks will see RFID as a solution to one of these key problems, although implementation will unlock many new opportunities for Trampoline Parks.

Efficient entry management

When it comes to customer service, it’s no secret that long wait times are something to be avoided at all costs. Generally, despite how much people dislike waiting, we’ve been taught that good things come to those who wait. Therefore, it is paramount that either your queue times reduce, or the delivery of your product is exceptional. Ultimately, longer queues can often lead to increased complaints regardless of the standard of service within the rest of your park.

RFID can provide you with efficient entry management, reducing queue times and creating an easier ticketing exchange. It is also impossible to counterfeit, adding additional security to your access control. Furthermore, as per our previous blog where we discuss the launch of memberships within the sector, RFID can ensure that your members and most valued visitors have a consistent experience during every visit.

Cashless Payments

Contactless payment is becoming an accepted fact of life in the UK. While you might occasionally come across the occasional vendor demanding cash payments, contactless has undeniably sped up the payment process. When we talk about cashless parks and using RFID, we are talking about preloading funds onto the RFID bands that can be used by park visitors for secondary spend.

As most trampoline parks target market tend to be young, this solution provides a safer custom experience. Parents no longer need to provide their kids with cash for drinks and snacks. This should have a direct impact on security costs, decrease your vendor queues and on your labour costs as well.


Cashless transactions also enable your parks to enter a long-term digital relationship with your customers, gaining a better understanding of where and what they are purchasing to deliver more personalised offers and improve their service delivery. By harnessing analytics to offer insights about what payment data is telling parks, operators can use transaction information to improve the customer experience, spot patterns and uncover the true value of the customer.

Also, don’t forget the fact that your RFID bands can be branded thus providing additional marketing opportunities within your communities.

Finally, It is a common misconception that introducing RFID is a timely and costly solution for your park. We would advise our clients to embrace the possibility of change as cashless technology can now be integrated quickly, without disruption or downtime.

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