BookNow launches new product builder

As part of our commitment to product development, we’re constantly evaluating ways we can make BookNow Software a better solution for customers, and one area we identified for evolution is the current product builder.

We recently overhauled this feature, replacing the traditional Salesforce interface for a more intuitive UI which we believe will allow for faster scalability of new products, allowing users to build a product once and apply it to multiple sites.

The key benefits for customers will be:

    • Easier configuration – Customers can quickly build their products through easy drag and drop functionality.

    • Build a product once and apply it to multiple sites, allowing a quicker rollout for you.

    • Ability to set-up templates to save on workload when adding new products, again saving you and your team time and allowing you to quickly rollout multiple products.

    • A progress bar in place, which prevents users from publishing products configured incorrectly.

BookNow Software customers can upgrade today by contacting us by clicking here, and if you’re interested in finding out more then you can get in touch with us via the form here.

BookNow Software new product builder

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