BookNow Software – May Release Notes

We’ve recently launched our latest version of BookNow Software to our customers – full release details and upgrade instructions have been emailed out to the main contact on your account.

Please see below for a full list of this month’s feature rollout, highlights include the ability to add booking fees to the booking process, with freedom to choose the amount of the fee and which products it should apply to.

The questionnaire module has also received an update giving admins the ability to add checkbox, date selectors, currency based questions and much more – this will allow you to get more information out of your customer base than ever before. 

If you have any questions regarding our latest release, or would like a deeper dive of the BookNow Software solution please get in touch via the form below. 

Category: Additional Feature

  • Functionality has been added to the ‘asset overview’ calendar that allows an account with the correct permission to move booking assets. Additionally with these permissions you can ‘block out’ times, for example if you have maintenance on specific assets and do not want them to be booked. Simply click the time slot on the asset you wish to block to start blocking.
  • We have extended the questionnaire functionality to include multiple question types. You can now ask checkbox, date, pick-list, radio button, currency and text questions. Get in touch with the customer success team to start building your new questionnaires.
  • Added the ability to remove address fields from the Nets Easy checkout.
  • We have completed a one way integration with the accounting software Xero, this is a paid integration and will push manual journals at the end of each working day containing the day’s sales.
  • When sending a payment link via the staff booking page, you can now choose to send a deposit, rather than the full amount.
  • Created the ability to automatically add a booking fee in the booking process. You can choose the amount of the booking fee, set the products it applies to and whether it applies to customers or staff members, or both. Booking fees will only ever apply once per booking.

Category: User Interface

  • We have overhauled the customer search page. You can now select whether you are searching a customer, a booking or a gift voucher. When clicking on a booking, you will see much more relevant information.
  • Removed unnecessary fields from the Cardknox online payment gateway.
  • Additional settings have been added to the BookNow ‘setup file object’ that enable the quantity of a product to be displayed in the V3 customer booking pages cart.
  • You can now create an account via the login page on the V3 front-end.
  • You can now order ‘dynamic pricing groups’, for V3 products. Choose which pricing group is displayed first to the customer, per product. You can find this functionality in the dynamic pricing’ component on each product.’

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