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Release Highlights

Undoubtedly our biggest feature update in one release in the history of BookNow Software, here are some of the highlights of our Q1 2023 release which BookNow Software customers can enjoy from the week commencing March 16th.

Inventory Management

You can now manage all stock, see a live overview of expected inventory levels, add wastage and carry out stock takes all within the BookNow environment. 

One key use case we see with this is businesses offering food & drinks, as the inventory can be added as ingredients to recipes, which once applied to a product will deduct quantities from your stock levels automatically upon a sale.

Updated Self Service

A complete overhaul to our self service menu interface, allowing your guests to order from their table – Google Pay & Apple Pay accepted for Stripe users. 

Includes everything your guests would expect, including customisation options, allergen information & the ability to add notes.

Recipe Builder

As mentioned above, create recipes using your inventory as ingredients – giving your greater flexibility and offering a greater level of customisation to your customers when ordering their food.

Enquiry Management

If you have large bookings; corporate, school, church or other groups then you will often want to manage your leads prior to any booking – we have created this space for BookNow customers, ready to be tailored to your needs.

Event Booking

When you have a large group to book in, it is useful to have an overview of your assets, so that you can see what is available and when. We have integrated our asset overview page and edit booking modal to enable flexible event booking.

You can also add details and notes for the booking that can be combined to create a BEO that will ensure your operational team can deliver a quality guest experience on the day.

Together with the Enquiry Management object, you can manage everything from first enquiry to payment in two pages, simplifying the sales process significantly and making sure all of your events are as successful as can be.

Single Asset Availability Bar Charts

Another popular request from many customers has been delivered; that ability to see capacity by hour in a bar chart for each asset.

On the register/check-in page, simply click the dropdown in the top right of the page, select your asset and it will change the line graph to the bar graph for that asset, showing availability by hour.

Hour Based Promotional Code

Set promotional codes to be hour based, so you can target off-peak hours to increase footfall throughout the day, leading to more income for your venues.

Quantity Based Dynamic Pricing

Our dynamic pricing functionality has been extended so that you can discount bookings based on group size, for example you could have a setup like the below: 

If you have any questions about any of the features in this release, or just any questions relating to BookNow Software in general then please get in touch via the form below and one of our team will be in touch! 

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