Choosing the right accounting software for your booking system

We know from our own experience of running trampoline parks that choosing, and then integrating an accounting system with your booking system can be a real headache and frustrating when your chosen software may not integrate very well with your booking system, or you’re constantly running into issues.

This is why when we founded BookNow Software we wanted to ensure it could integrate with as many of the other software vendors our customers were likely to already be using, so because of this our booking system is able to integrate with any extra external technology assuming the technology has an API or external database access.

With that said, we know how confusing it can be when you’re just starting out or looking to give a revamp to your existing software infrastructure – after all there are an unlimited amount of accounting software options out there. So we thought we’d put together a quick guide to the three accounting solutions that we see most often from our customers.


Xero is a cloud based accounting software, predominantly geared towards medium-large businesses. Like BookNow, because it’s cloud based, you save time because you no longer have to install accounting software on multiple machines. Updates are handled automatically from the cloud, and Xero can automate a lot of the processes that are typically time consuming for you and your staff. Unlike some other offerings, inventory management also comes included in all of the Xero packages and they also have no cap on the amount of users you can have at any license level, which can be a rarity in the software industry!


Like Xero, QuickBooks is also cloud based making it perfect for modern businesses. QuickBooks tend to be most popular with small-medium businesses and have a very customer friendly interface. Like BookNow’s online booking system, QuickBooks has a wide array of integrated tools meaning you can easily adapt it specifically to your needs and IT infrastructure. QuickBooks say you can expect to save an average of 8 hours a month spent on accounting with their solution, making it an efficient option for you if you feel you spend too much of your time working on accounting and finance for your business!


Popular with our customers in the Nordic region, with cloud based solution Fortnox, you can book and manage your company’s finances wherever you want and always be up to date. Like the two solutions above, Fortnox can be integrated with many different types of programs and systems, for example cash handling systems, web shops and workflow systems. In addition to invoicing, accounting, inventory, payroll and expense management there are also hundreds of industry-specific solutions from other suppliers that are integrated in Fortnox. As a customer of Fortnox you may also use their financial services, for example invoicing services and invoice factoring and they also offer insurance brokering.

We hope this gives you a bit of a starting point when considering your next accounting platform, however if you have any questions around any others compatibility with the BookNow Software online booking solution, please do get in touch via the form below.

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