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Altitude Trampoline Parks, Kissimmee

Customer overview

Altitude Kissimmee had their grand opening at the beginning of 2021, becoming one of the latest parks to open under the Altitude Trampoline Park umbrella. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Altitude, it’s one of the largest trampoline park operators in the world with 70+ locations around the world, and plans for more.

The Problem

Altitude originally had plans to use a number of different solutions to manage different aspects of their business, with different solutions for things like bookings, operational checklists, marketing and so forth.

This would create issues where multiple logins for different systems were required, as well as the obvious financial hit that comes from paying for multiple different pieces of software. 

Additionally, as a business with ambition to grow the number of locations it was paramount that Altitude Florida were able to get as much data and insight into business performance as possible, so whatever solution they decided to implement, it was integral reporting was a standout feature.

The Solution

By implementing a fully integrated management solution in BookNow, Altitude are able to have all of the key tools they need to run their business on one platform, at a competitive price. Not only does this reduce cost, it also allows for increased efficiency as everything can be on one centralised platform. 

As mentioned, visibility over as much data as possible is a key area for Altitude Florida and the robust reporting of Salesforce easily meets this requirement, giving them everything they need for the initial location and as they grew. 

Additionally, we’ve found Altitude Florida to be very innovative when it comes to memberships, and working with them has allowed us to develop this side of our solution further, as we’re keen to maximise the value of BookNow to businesses and continually develop and innovate our solution. 

Finally, the power of Salesforce allows Altitude to pivot on many different processes to work out what works best for them – perfect for a franchise model where you can try different things with your environment.

What the customer had to say

We chose BookNow Software for the fact that it was built on Salesforce, affordably priced, and the team at BookNow have the ability to customize the software specific to our businesses needs. 

I will admit we are a demanding client, but Brandon and the BookNow team have been available 24/7 for any of our questions or concerns. 

Working with BookNow step by step has helped us understand the system and operate our park at an optimal level.

Grady Hinchamn, Managing Partner

Altitude Florida

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