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boost trampoline parks

Customer overview

The first Boost Trampoline Park was launched in 2016 in Northampton, with the business going on to open a second site in Leicester at the beginning of 2018, with both parks rated as two of the best trampoline parks in the UK.

The Problem

The management team at Boost are very forward thinking when it comes to both their software and marketing, and are always looking to be using solutions leading the way in their respective fields, so the key aim of evaluating trampoline park booking systems was to “find a supplier that could tell us who was actually in our park, not just who booked the tickets”.

Ensuring they had as much data as possible was essential as this obviously helps the business understand as much about performance as possible, as well as influence marketing choices.

From a front end perspective they were looking for a solution that is easy to navigate, reduce purchase friction and was customisable to their brand. 

The Solution

Signing with BookNow Software allowed Boost to have a view of who exactly was in their park at which times, which allowed them to take this data and make informed marketing decisions (which we think they’re  pretty great at!).

With all of the data and reporting that BookNow Software provides Boost are also able to better understand their park health through their  revisitation rate, a key metric for the family entertainment centre industry.

Boost have also found massive benefits in having the  Salesforce CRM included with BookNow, as they’re fully utilising the power of the world’s leading CRM in all aspects of the business from operations, finance and marketing. 

Boost also listed the reduced friction to purchase as a key selling point in signing with BookNow. We’ve loved working with the team at Boost, and it’s brilliant to see them become such proponents of both BookNow and Salesforce.

What the customer had to say

I’ve been using BookNow alongside industry leading software packages – BookNow continues to stand head and shoulder above. Leveraging the salesforce system, BookNow present the most efficient, capable and customisable option for operators. It allows operators to bring sales, marketing and operational ideas to life with function and form. It follows with the analytics required to ensure the strategies put in place are effective, and having a material impact on the business.

The front end is easy to navigate, reduces friction to sale, and the speed with which updates are being pushed out shows a deep understanding of how we trade with our clients.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this system allows me to best understand the individuals that purchase tickets AND those that are using our facilities (often different groups, and demographics), allowing for informed strategic decisions to be made.

An excellent piece of software!

Simon Wilkinson, Managing Director

Boost Trampoline Parks

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