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Cheshire Aqua Park at Manley Mere

Customer overview

Manley Mere are a watersports and aqua park based in Cheshire, with a host of other activities available on site, including an adventure trail as well as a cafe. Prior to looking at the market of more advanced booking systems, Manley Mere (Also known as Cheshire Aqua Park) used a functionality-limited booking system, which often caused the team issues.

The Problem

The booking solution used by the team at Manley Mere was error prone, which could cause major headaches for the team to resolve, particularly during their busy period over summer. 

Adjusting products was a particular issue that the team didn’t have the ability to do from the previous provider – it also lacked integration with waivers, something essential for an aqua park, and ultimately the business decided they needed something more powerful to continue to grow.

On top of this, nothing within the Manley Mere infrastructure was integrated which lead to admin times increasing, and key information potentially been missed. 

Ultimately, it was all of the above that lead to them searching the marketplace for a new booking system around 18 months ago. 

The Solution

After scouring the marketplace for a solution, Manley Mere really liked what they saw from BookNow Software after looking through the website, and felt “totally at ease” speaking with the team from day one. BookNow Software offers the team everything they need from a booking system of a multi-activity venue, 

The move to BookNow has helped reduce time, admin and stress for the team at Manley Mere, and they look forward to using the software to it’s fullest potential as their knowledge of both Salesforce and BookNow Software grows.

If you’d like to find out how BookNow Software can work with your business, please get in touch via the form below and one of our helpful team will be in touch. 

What the customer had to say

“We have saved so much time, stress and paper moving to BookNow!! 

BookNow has made a huge difference to Manley Mere, the booking process is quick and efficient, the team are really friendly and approachable and are always on hand if you need help. Thank you”

Kate Mclean

Manley Mere, Cheshire Aqua Park

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