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Customer overview

Bridge The Gap is a charity with 12 locations, with a total goal of 50, which uses football as a focus on building communities amongst men aged 18-30. With 1 in 8 men suffering mental health issues, Bridge The Gap focuses on providing a community to ensure each member knows they have others they can speak to if they are struggling mentally and a place where they can feel a part of something – it’s truly a charity we’re proud to be associated with.

The Problem

When Bridge The Gap first started with just two locations, they used Facebook as a tool to take their bookings with members of the page liking a post if they were attending which worked ok for a small event – but as the charity scaled this became impossible to sustain as it was easy for members not to come, forget they were meant to be attending and were hard to contact without any contact details outside of Facebook, as well as a network of people who may be very interested in attending but were not active Facebook users.

It was apparent that Bridge The Gap needed a real booking solution.

The Solution

Looking at solutions such as event booking solution Eventbrite or building a bespoke application, Bridge The Gap ultimately decided to go with BookNow Software as it provided them everything they needed and so much more.

Not only can members book into a session and leave all their contact details, but Bridge The Gap can actively view reporting and analytics and see how often members are attending. They are also able set up automated confirmation and reminder emails to ensure members don’t forget they are booked in.

Within three weeks of launching BookNow Software, Bridge The Gap had already seen 513 people sign up as members, showing a successful launch.

What the customer had to say

“BookNow Software is the biggest blessing we could have ever had as a charity. Not only from just having a powerful booking system, but all of the little features that don’t sound as flashy make our lives so much easier, from automation, adding Ts & Cs, questionnaire and so forth. With a small team, this saves us so much time in admin and we’ve seen the results across the charity – we cannot thank BookNow enough.”

– Tristan Lury, CEO & Founder

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