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Jump Xtreme

Customer overview

JumpXtreme are an award winning trampoline park business with multiple sites in the North of England. Their sites also have cafes on site, providing a range of food and drink. You can find out more about Jump Xtreme by clicking here.

The Problem

Jump Xtreme were having issues with revisitation rate, something we know can be a struggle for trampoline parks. At the time, Jump Xtreme also lacked one centralised information hub for their multiple sites.

Finally, the food and drink was only sold at the counter meaning lots of movement around the cafe area, something which wasn’t practical with the coronavirus pandemic as food outlets sought to minimise human contact.

The Solution

With the introduction of BookNow Software’s automated marketing solution, Jump Xtreme are now able to target customers with a discount incentive after a visit, increasing their revisitiation rate.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Jump Xtreme were keen to introduce our QR code table ordering solution to keep social distancing within their cafe. This also allowed for a more efficient customer ordering experience as they could order from the comfort of their seats as opposed to the counter. Finally, the reporting has allowed for more targeted marketing and greater insight into customer behaviour.

What the customer had to say

“Now we have been using BookNow for a few months we are really starting to see a wide range of benefits with better reporting, more targeted marketing and easier in-club management. The switch over from our previous provider exceeded my expectations and helped the business to deliver a record week of sales – a big thanks to all!”

Cliff Nicholls

Jump Xtreme

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