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Kings Entertainment

Customer overview

Kings Entertainment is a multi-activity venue in East Grinstead that offers guests… well everything! Whether you’re looking for adventure golf, karaoke, shuffleboard and everything inbetween, Kings has it all. 

The Problem

With such a wide offering of activities available to guests, Kings needed a booking system that would easily allow guests to book multiple activities on one booking and not create headaches for staff.

On top of this key requirement, other essentials for Kings were the ability to set up memberships, a fast and easy experience for their customers and a fantastic support team to answer any questions.

The Solution

After surveying the top solutions in the marketplace, BookNow Software’s platform approach won out quite easily:

“Once I saw the list of everything the system could do for us and trialled the customer experience it was a very easy decision.” said Gary King, Director at Kings. 

With BookNow in place, Kings are able to take bookings for multiple activities on one booking, analyse the data and performance of the business from an easy to read dashboard and have seen the performance of the business boost, with Gary saying “We certainly have far more multi-book activity  customers that we didn’t have before.”

What the customer had to say

BookNow appeared to be the leading company in the industry for our multi book products. I like the speed and ease of the customers experience. It offered memberships and much more, it felt like all our requests could be answered with BookNow.

Once I saw the list of everything the system could do for us and trialled the customer experience it was a very easy decision.

The speed and ease of the system, staff training is very simple, putting together packages and getting them up and running is super fast and easy and probably the most enjoyable part. The team at booknow have a great response rate and are always very helpful.

BookNow has been a great change for our business and they will be a long term partner of ours without a doubt

Gary King

Kings Entertainment

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