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Superbowl UK

Customer overview

Superbowl UK are one of the UK’s premier family entertainment centres, currently boasting 11 venues across the UK, with more planned. Superbowl UK host a range of facilities including Tenpin Bowling, Laser Quest, Soft Play, Putters Adventure Golf. 

The Aim

The aim of Superbowl UK coming to BookNow Software was for BookNow to help with their brand standard marketing campaigns and CRM engagement. Superbowl UK also required a system that allowed them to easily add products to their multiple venues in a few simple steps. Front end functionality was also important, so that the booking system was easy to use for customers as well as having a clean design, so that they could simply book multiple activities and order food and beverage products in one transaction.

The Implementation

BookNow Software has successfully been able to help Superbowl UK when it comes to CRM engagement and the marketing campaigns. This has also lead to further insight for the marketing department, who have been able to utilise BookNow Software, and the thousands of integrations available thanks to Salesforce, to support their marketing campaigns.

BookNow Software has also provided everything required from a booking system perspective. For example, BookNow can easily work out how many lanes are needed for the number of people booking and will assign them. Additionally if customers want to purchase multiple “assets” at the same time as booking their lanes, for example pre-order a set amount of food, this can also be done within the same transaction. Superbowl UK can also set up dynamic pricing, so pricing can be higher for peak times, and lower for quieter periods. 

Superbowl UK also now have multiple dashboards setup displaying their 11 sites key metrics, as well as the ability to generate reports in real time. 

What the customer had to say

“Working with BookNow Software could not be a better experience, from the sales process, implementation and customer support everything has lived up to expectations.

We’ve been able to get far more data than we could have imagined from the booking and management system, with the increased insight into customer behaviour and information massively benefiting our marketing department.

I couldn’t recommend the team at BookNow enough and the dedicated team are always happy to assist us achieve our day to day goals within the Superbowl UK Brand.”

George Smith

Superbowl UK

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