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The Escapologist

Customer overview

The Escapologist is a multi-location Escape Room business based in the United Kingdom. On top of offering Escape Rooms, all locations also offer a bar and cafe area as well as the option to purchase gift cards and print home escape room games.

The Problem

As a rapidly growing Escape Room business with multiple locations, The Escapologist were using a booking and venue management solution that no longer met their needs, on top of this they also do a lot of outreach campaigns to B2B for corporate events and as such needed a comprehensive CRM.

Finally, with multiple locations, keeping track of revenue was also essential, so an intelligent payment gateway system that could do this per location was a key requirement for the business. 

The Solution

Built on Salesforce, BookNow Software was able to deliver industry leading reporting to The Escapologist, as well as an easy to use booking solution for both guests & staff, which has resulted in both an increase in the number of bookings, as well as an increase in spend per head.

Thanks to our our partnership with Stripe, it’s never been easier for the Escapologist to track revenue per location either, something which was a problem with the previous set-up. 

Finally, with the depth of Salesforce’s AppExchange and the rate of development from BookNow Software, The Escapologist were also excited by the possibility of what is to come down the line with the solution too. 

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