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Customer overview

Originally founded in the UK in 2000, Topgolf experienced a huge boom in the early to mid 2010s and now has over 70 locations around the world. Redefining how golf can be played as a game and equally appealing to golfers and non-golfers alike, guests at Topgolf score points by hitting microchipped golf balls at giant dart board-like targets on an outfield.

The venues also play live sport on TVs, have an extensive food and drink offering and play music throughout the heated bays creating the perfect experience for a family afternoon out, or an evening trip with friends or a date.

The Problem

Topgolf approached BookNow Software as they were in need of a booking solution that could manage bay-inventory and auto assign guests to bay based on group size, something they could not do on the system used prior to BookNow.

Internal calculations indicated that a solution that could manage this would be worth a significant additional amount of income per venue, per annum.

Topgolf also use Salesforce as their CRM of choice, so any solution that would manage bookings for them would need to integrate with this.

Finally, a business as large as Topgolf would also need any solution to be flexible and scalable as their business and the demands grew.

The Solution

BookNow provides Topgolf with an intelligent solution that is one inventory platform for events and reservations, giving Topgolf the exact solution required given the business goals. BookNow allows Topgolf to optimise products available online, whilst maintaining inventory for premium sales, which has shown an increase in children’s party bookings in venues.

Integrating with Salesforce also gives Topgolf complete oversight of customer behaviour and trends, meaning marketing can make more calculated decisions when it comes to targeting.

Additionally BookNow have been responsive to all Topgolf requests, for example when the requirement to have ‘split payments’ first surfaced, our development team were able to build the feature within a week which demonstrated how responsive BookNow can be to customer needs.

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