5 ways to boost your customer experience

With lockdown restrictions easing around the world, and hospitality and leisure opening back up the competition to get guests back in venues has never been so high. It goes without saying there are multiple ways you can stand out from your competition, including great marketing – one of the key ones is by providing a superior customer experience at your family entertainment centres. 

A great FEC customer experience is memorable and can often lead to recommendations by referral, as well as good reviews on sites like Facebook, TripAdvisor & Google. 

Below are just five ways you can boost your customer experience for 2021 and ensure your customer experience stands out above your competitors: 

Ensure your brand is strong and consistent

A strong brand can create an immersive experience for your customers, and help leave a memorable experience. For example, if you own an adventure park that is space themed how consistent is the brand throughout your business touchpoints?

Your website should give off this impression and follow the same theme of your in-venue brand, such as colours and artwork used. 

You can then ensure that the packages and food and drink you sell follow the brand, for example your party packages could be “Intergalactic gatherings”!

A strong brand leads to a memorable customer experience, particularly for younger guests as they can be immersed by a truly unique FEC experience. 

Primed for sharing

Thanks to the reach and influence of social media, it has never been easier for your business to reach customers and potential customers through both your own social media channels, but also that of your guests.

Whilst ensuring your own social media is strong is a given, in our experience there is far more value in having your customers sharing their experiences inside your venues. 

So how can you encourage your customers to share their experiences inside your venues? 

You can use prompts inside your venues that encourage sharing, such as a social frame like our customer Rush in the image to the right, a brand mascot or a catchy slogan on a wall. All of this increases the likelihood of your customers taking a photograph and sharing it on their social media and promoting your brand. Keep an eye out on your mentions and location tags on social media to share the best posts. Having prompts that allow your customers to take a memorable picture creates a great ‘takeaway customer experience’. 

A final point on this, consider where your audience may be most active – for example in the younger generation we know TikTok is popular, so consider how your business can use the channels your audience are most active on to create a good experience on the most applicable network. 


The customer experience isn’t just about what happens inside your venues and what you have inside the venue, it’s also about what you do before and after your guests visit. 

What we mean by this is it pays to be responsive to every comment you get on review sites and social media, and get back to customers on emails as quickly as you can. 

It’s obvious, but customers appreciate getting responses quickly and being acknowledged – even in instances where you may receive a review that isn’t overly positive, acknowledging and asking them to send you an email to discuss further still demonstrates great customer service and leaves a good impression with customers. 

Take the extra step

Nothing leaves a better impression with your customers than going the extra mile when it comes to providing customer service. 

A couple of examples are for party bookings making sure the birthday guests get treated like royalty, and adding little touches like a customised happy birthday message on a cake. 

Additionally if a guest, or parent of a guest reaches out to you in advance asking for something unique to the circumstances of their visit, being able to oblige this request will go a long way with the customer and result in a great experience for them and also increases the chances you’ll get a glowing review.

Taking the extra step when it comes to the customer experience for your FEC or adventure park can result in huge benefits to your business when it comes to leaving your customers with a memorable experience and oftentimes is of little inconvenience to you and your team. 

A good website and booking system

Last but not least is ensuring you have a well built website and booking system. Starting with the website, it should be well designed, fit your brand and provide all of the information your customers would want as well as include a few great reviews or testimonials. 

It’s also important to remember most of your guests probably use a mobile device more than a desktop device, so the website build should be mobile friendly. 

Moving on to the booking system, the process of booking should be clear and concise, not only so it’s easy for your customers to use but also we know that too much friction here can cause lost purchases. 

It sounds obvious but ensuring the website and booking system create an easy customer experience for your guests means they’re more likely to book which means more income to you. 

We hope this short article helps you when it comes to optimising your FEC customer experience, as you can see the customer experience extends from before, during and after guests visit your venue – the wheel never stops turning!

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