How automation can help you make £30,000+ in revenue

At its best, automated marketing can allow for the perfect nurturing of your existing customers and prospects, offering highly personalised messaging depending on how your customer or prospect has interacted with your business. 

We’re constantly impressed by the use of automation on BookNow from our customers, both in terms of marketing metrics and most importantly, the impact it has on their bottom line. 

Here are just a few of our favourite uses of automation we see from our customer base, with two types of automation explored in a bit more detail below the list: 

  • Send invites to your guests to celebrate their birthday at your venue based on their date of birth listed in your CRM
  • If you operate a loyalty scheme you can send reminders for guests to come back for their subsequent next loyalty “stamp”
  • Bring/Refer a friend – Automate bring/refer a friend messages to go out when people are most likely to open emails, increasing the likelihood of them sharing it with friends at that moment

Revisitation – Driving £30k+ of additional revenue

However the first one we want to talk about in a little bit more detail is an automated email to boost revisitation rate, whereby a marketing message is sent out to your customer in the immediate time vicinity in which they leave your venue, thanking them for their visit and inviting them to visit again within a set period of time with an exclusive promotional discount. 

We offer this automation as a preset to all customers when they roll out BookNow Software – so how successful has it been?

Looking at our customers using an automation for revisitation over the past 12 months, we’re able to see that the average amount of customer spend directly attributable to this campaign is just over £36,000 demonstrating the campaign is absolutely worth doing for all businesses.

What makes it so special?

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Risk Automation

Another great automation we suggest to customers who operate a membership scheme is “Risk Automation” which is used by businesses offering a membership scheme. Effectively, using a scoring system and business intelligence, system admins can be alerted when customers are deemed to be at risk of cancelling their membership and then enter a marketing automation.

Let’s look at this in a realtime business scenario: 

Jess is a member of a local gym, however due to a return to the office she’s struggling to book as many classes as she used to, where she attended three times a week regularly. 

After three weeks of 1-2 bookings, and a week of no bookings the automation puts her at risk of cancelling her membership, so the system alerts a member of staff and also enters the member into a marketing automation aimed at boosting her visitation rate through a sequence of promotional emails, depending on what action Jess takes, some of the topics and offers you could consider:

  • “We miss you” – gentle reminder to give you a visit
  • Run a six week challenge to boost visitation over a longer period
  • Refer a friend and receive two free PT classes for you both
  • Offer free meal plans to members visiting three times a week
Jess is prompted to return, bringing a friend back with her who also signs up as a member and the two of them regularly attend three classes per week. 

Hopefully the above example gives you how automation can help keep people as members of your business, without you having to do much manual work outside of the odd phone call! 

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