How to increase bookings with conversion rate optimisation

BookNow Software operates globally across many different industries and it is important to be able to customise the system to increase bookings, improve customer experience and ultimately increase revenue. We work in partnership with our customers to understand how we can impact their conversion rate. Below is the process we and our customers work through to ensure conversion rate is optimised to it’s maximum potential. 

Understanding Your Business and Your Goals 

The first step when any customer onboards is to understand their business, customers, goals and current conversion rate. Here are some examples of the goals of our customers:

Goal 1 – Deliver a seamless user experience:  “We offer multiple activities and our customers need to buy multiple products in one journey ” 

Goal 2 – Brand Trust and Loyalty:  “We need to personalise the booking journey to our business” 

Goal 3 – (Track Data and A/B Split Testing): “We need to understand the impact of changes to our conversion rate”

Goal 4 – Value proposition: “We have lots of competitors and we need customers to choose us!”

Deliver a seamless user experience

“57% of customers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile”(1)

BookNow has worked with some of the biggest and best in the industry to allow you to give your guests a seamless booking experience. A few examples of how we help businesses like you provide this experience are below:

Brand Trust and Loyalty

“80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences” (1)

Customers need to know and trust your brand, having a quick easy journey is the first step to showing that trust but being able to customize the booking system look and feel to your business is essential when it comes to conversion. Below are some examples of that customisation on BookNow.

Above we can see different examples of the booking experience reflecting the different brands and customers that will be using it. They have used some of the below tools to achieve this:

  • Complete access to change the style via the CSS
  • Quick tools to centrally brand across sites (Logo, colors etc)
  • Different features and journeys to change the experience
  • Access to the BookNow API if you wanted to build your own front end
  • Custom URL to take you to specific points in the booking journey
  • Different front ends for different sites
  • Short text product description and long rich text product description
  • Images on products and upsell items

Track Data and Site VS Site Testing

“A study found that 30 percent of respondents identified UX and customer journey analytics as the biggest challenge to their organisation”(1)

It is great to have all these tools available to you but is vital to be able to track data and impact of changes. You can use landing page vs landing page testing across your sites to see what is most successful. This testing could be introducing small changes to landing page ‘A’, whilst leaving landing page ‘B’ the same to see which choice has the most positive effect on your conversion.

BookNow’s booking system integrates directly with your GTM/GA to allow you to track the impact of these changes. You can follow the journey your customers take from your website to either conversion or drop out, for example:

  • Add to cart
  • Remove from cart
  • Add promotional code and voucher
  • Login
  • User reached payment stage
  • Purchase complete
  • Purchased additional items

Value proposition

“Price remains the main decision driver with 50% of consumers acknowledging it as one of their top three considerations” (2)

In order to convert customers they need to see value in what you are offering them. This could be through pricing, service, brand and experience. You are in a competitive market and your booking system is your shop window.

BookNow uses the Salesforce customer 360 view to give you a deep dive into data across all of your customer base. This data can be used to make decisions to improve perceived value:

  • Your busiest times of the day
  • Your revisitation rates
  • Customer spending habits
  • Promo code usage
  • Most popular products

This can then lead you to make changes that make a real impact to how you can show value to your customers:

  • Dynamic pricing throughout the day
  • Memberships
  • Upsell products
  • Automated targeted promotional codes via Salesforce
  • Product Catalogue

The Outcome

As a result of these changes our customers have seen an increase in bookings, conversion, revisitation and average order value. Here are some of the stats from customers who shared the data:

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