Amusement Park Booking System

BookNow Software is the perfect booking system for all types of amusement park, from Zoos, Theme Parks to Water Parks.

Take away the stresses of multiple systems managing the different aspects of your amusement park operation, with BookNow you can manage your ticketing software, POS, F&D and merchandise, marketing and reporting – all from one easy to use centralised hub, making BookNow the perfect amusement park management software.

Why use BookNow Software for your Amusement Park?


Cut wait times, sell attraction tickets, player cards, concessions, combos and season passes, drive loyalty programs and more.


Sell capacity-controlled tickets online with barcodes for verification and check local reports for instant.

Automated Marketing

Easily set up flows which allow you to automatically market to your customers.


Set capacity limits for your session, and easily adjust pricing for peak periods. 

Food, Drink and merchandise

From simple concessions & stores and mobile pop-up snack bars to complex restaurant & bar offerings.


Selling season passes or monthly memberships give their recipients: Access to your attraction, discounts through POS and more.

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