Cultural Attraction Booking System

We understand that managing a museum, exhibit or a historical monument and everything in-between requires far more than a traditional booking system.

This is why we created a BookNow Software, a solution that can manage the whole operational aspect of your business, from ticketing, POS, food and drink, on-site shops to your marketing – BookNow can do it all. 

Why use BookNow Software for your Museum or Attraction?


Cut wait times, sell attraction tickets, player cards, concessions, combos and season passes, drive loyalty programs and more.


Sell capacity-controlled tickets online with barcodes for verification.

Automated Marketing

Easily set up flows which allow you to automatically market to your customers.


Set capacity limits for your time slots, and easily adjust pricing for peak periods. 

Merchandise, food and drink

From simple concessions & gift shops to complex restaurant & bar offerings, BookNow can easily manage this for you.


Limitless reporting, allowing you to analyse customer behaviour in incredible detail, getting the most out of your tour.

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