Trampoline Park Booking System

As previous owners of a trampoline park, we know what you need when it comes to trampoline park software.

Since launching our own trampoline park, we’ve learned quite a bit. We know you’re busy; you don’t have time to manage ticketing software, another system for POS, online reservations, birthday party bookings, food sales and everything else that goes into your business across a range of different systems – which is why we consolidated all of the above into one trampoline park booking system, BookNow Software.

Why use BookNow for your Trampoline Park software?


Sell capacity controlled tickets for your venue online, with an easy to use system for your customers ensuring minimal friction during the buying journey. 


Sell tickets, food, drink and merchandise via your POS system. BookNow is hardware agnostic too, meaning it can work on your existing hardware – all you need is an internet connection! 


Get complete insight into your customer base with the world’s best CRM in Salesforce – included with your BookNow license. Segment your customers for marketing, ensuring the best ROI on your marketing.

Food, Drink and merchandise

Send food and drink orders straight to your bar or kitchen with BookNow, via staff terminals or allow customers to order and pay via their own mobile devices. Additionally manage stock and inventory, sending automated emails when stock is low.


Build a membership or loyalty program to offer special pricing and packages to your best guests, keeping a regular income coming in to your business.


Manage marketing for your business with BookNow, with the ability to set up automated marketing campaigns, track online ad success and integration with software like Mailchimp.


Get unparalleled insight into the performance of your trampoline park with our analytics and reporting tools, with all information compiled in an easy to navigate dashboard.

Multi location management

Manage multiple sites from one location, restricting access where required whilst still having full autonomy at a HQ level. Having full insight allows you to view your top performing locations, market trends and top second line sellers. 


Integrate with over 10,000 other software vendors, including marketing solutions like Mailchimp and other solutions like Survey Monkey, giving you a fully integrated management solution.


Online waivers are signed by your customers and automatically uploaded to the booking system, so you can easily pull these up when your customers check in. 


Up sell additional products during the booking process, such as merchandise or food deals. Additionally, you can sell other items through your website, we saw some trampoline parks sell things like sweet packages during lockdown, giving you a second revenue stream.


Allow customers to “check in” to your venue with QR code scanning, as well as order food and drink via QR codes. This ensures an efficient, smoother customer experience at your venue. 

Here are just a few of our customers benefiting from our solution

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