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BookNow Software are delighted to announce one of the UK’s leading trampoline park businesses, Jump In, will be moving all of their trampoline parks onto the BookNow platform by the end of September.

Previously Jump In had used BookNow at 2 locations and an alternative solution at the remaining 7 in order to run an evaluation between the two solutions. Explaining the decision to move all of the locations on to the BookNow platform, Jump In CEO and founder Gavin Lucas said “The decision to move to BookNow was founded on the long term strategic advantage that having a Salesforce based system can bring. The information visibility and the broader applications of the system will ultimately deliver a competitive advantage.”

This ability to have broader information visibility is one of the features we see customers reference most often when pinpointing the decision to move to BookNow, as our industry leading reporting functionality allows businesses to make data influenced decisions at all levels of their business – this is arguably even more important for operators with multiple locations, like Jump In, as there is simply more data to be collected, such as regional trends. 

Echoing the sentiment, Jump In Head of Sales & Marketing, Miranda Hart, added “BookNow gives trampoline operators and others a tailored experience, whilst capitalising on the tools that make Salesforce great, extreme flexibility and the ability to get in depth instantaneous data without limitations or the need for lots of manual data manipulation.”

As mentioned above by Gavin, BookNow is also extremely feature rich, allowing operators to manage a huge amount of their business, ranging from food and drink, merchandise and inventory management and more. On top of this, the solution is also able to integrate with 10,000+ additional applications – giving operators an all-in-one management system.

Finally, customer service was highlighted as another key reason Jump In decided to make the move to BookNow Software:

“The responsiveness and flexibility that the BookNow team demonstrated in responding to customer needs during the COVID-19 crisis has played a major part in the timing of our decision and we look forward to working with them as BookNow develops further.” Said Gavin Lucas.

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the team at Jump In on the two locations we’ve had historically, so are delighted to be moving all locations onto BookNow and continuing to grow the relationship with Jump In” added BookNow Software CEO, Luke Sims.

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