Salesforce reporting 101: Why it's best in class for leisure & entertainment

When it comes to reporting, we get it – hearing the words Salesforce can be pretty daunting if it isn’t something you have masses of experience with. Will you understand it? Will you have the time to manage it? These questions and more are what we find potential customers ask themselves when it comes to Salesforce with BookNow Software.

We’re here to tell you – relax, don’t worry – it’s a hell of a lot easier than you may believe. Below are just a few reasons we see businesses from one location to 100+ locations have success with Salesforce. 

Out of the box templates, with the option to grow

Thanks to several years experience of owning our own leisure business in the mid 2010s, as well as working with over 300 locations in the space around the world, we have a good idea of what businesses like you need to see in your reporting, which is why BookNow comes loaded with several pre-built reporting templates meaning you’re ready to go instantly. 

Of course you can build any report you like, and these are pretty easy once you’re used to how the Salesforce interface works. This means you can access all and any pieces of data which differs from alternative vendors out there, where requesting additional data reporting incurs costs – or a complex understanding of SQL (more on that later). You also run into a lot of canned reports, which means you can’t tweak things or add filters – resulting in you not having a tailored view that’s best for your business.

“We have been working with BookNow for over four years at Boost Trampoline Parks, and find the reporting process to be hugely beneficial in different formats that we weren’t able to previously. 

The reports now help influence so much, from park operations to cafe best sellers, staff performance to increasing engagement with the right audiences, all of which we use! 

The reports are simple to create, with the right understanding and can vary in as little or as much data as you require to guide your decisions.”

Ben Peach, Operations Director, Boost

One source of truth

Thanks to the power of the Salesforce platform, all of our data links back to the single and most important source of truth: the customer. You’re able to access all key metrics from one single place thanks to how we organise the data in the Salesforce’s platform and the endless integrations available on the AppExchange.

This means you’re always seeing the full picture, and can leverage that to increase your revenue due to things like automated marketing funnels based on user behaviour. With everything housed on this one platform, you have a complete 360 view of your customer, giving you complete unparalleled insight into them.

As mentioned, thanks to the AppExchange, for most of the tools that you do need to use outside of the built-in Salesforce ones, you can easily download the relevant app from the AppExchange to access data from your Salesforce platform. For example, let’s look at Mailchimp. Rather than having to do exports or trying to connect multi systems, simply download the Mailchimp app in Salesforce from the AppExchange and it has access to the data immediately.

The advantage of this is as opposed to alternative setups without this capability, is you cannot access all data within one platform, stopping you from ever truly automating or leveraging your data as it’s coming from a range of sources. Having one platform like Salesforce in place, also provides you back valuable admin time as you only need to rely on one tool versus a handful of different solutions.

One unified view

Thanks to Salesforce’s ability to build out Dashboards you can group all of your most essential reports in one easy to absorb view – like the screenshot below. 

This means you don’t need to spend time jumping from report to report, all of your information is housed in one spot. You can also set up emails to send you these updates on a time basis determined by you, meaning your information is delivered straight to your inbox, in real time with the most up to date data. 

You’re in control

With BookNow & Salesforce, you’re able to choose which members of your administration team can access what, so you can restrict views/edit ability to certain reports if you need to keep those private. If you do have wider access to reports, you are able to use Salesforce’s history tracking tool to see who has made any changes to the report and so forth, giving your business an increased element of accountability. 

With Salesforce having trust as their number one priority, you can also be assured that your data is housed within one of the most secure systems in the world, giving you both control and peace of mind. 

Grow with your business

When used to its full potential, Salesforce reporting is able to answer the important questions about your business – is my revisitation rate increasing? Am I charging the right price? 

Use this tool to hold your business to account, and see where there may be room for improvement and additional revenue opportunities across your business. Also it’s important to remember that businesses change, and likewise goals may change too – with a reporting tool like Salesforce, you’re able to adjust what you’re reporting on with ease, meaning the platform grows as you grow, which differs from competitors reporting tools which can lock you into specific reports throughout your lifecycle of using their product.

Complexity VS Salesforce Simplicity 

When it comes to the ease-of-use of Salesforce reporting, nothing exemplifies this better than looking at alternative providers’ use of SQL, as previously mentioned. 

SQL can be used to find data in a database and is used by alternative solutions on the marketplace that lack the user friend reporting capabilities of Salesforce when they want to find something outside of a canned report. 

Here is an example of how to use the SQL statement to find data for customers in a Axe Throwing Site who have spent over £100:

SELECT customers.first_name, orders.total_amount
FROM customers
WHERE site = ‘Axe Throwing Site
JOIN orders ON = orders.customer_id
GROUP BY customers.first_name
HAVING SUM(orders.total_amount) > 100;


Now imagine how hard this gets to analyse and visualise data! 

BookNow uses Salesforce’s powerful, yet easy to use, reporting tools to make finding data a simple click exercise which you can instantly add to a dashboard or create a graph. 

You can easily add fields, filters and grouping to visualise the data. Let’s look at how we would do the same as above in Salesforce. 

Add my filters, Select my fields and grouping, and then visualise and compare that data:

As you can see, this is a far simpler process than having to write an SQL query, and something all users of Salesforce will be able to wrap their heads around near instantly. 

Hopefully this illustrates just how much you can do with Salesforce reporting for your business, as well as just how easy it is to use compared to other reporting tools in the leisure & entertainment industries. 

If you have any further questions around Salesforce reporting, just get in touch with us using the form below.

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