Do you need additional resources?

Work is busy. Life in general is busy. You might not have time to maximise BookNow's vast potential when it comes to managing your business. We get it.

That's why we're introducing the option for BookNow Software customers to purchase technical account management services from us - let us worry about your venue management solution, so you can focus on everything else that matters in your life.

What is a Technical Account Manager?

Whilst you absolutely do not need to have a Technical Account Manager as a BookNow Customer, we’ve introduced it as an optional extra following requests from a number of our existing customer base.

So why might you want a Technical Account Manager?

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) will be your point of contact at BookNow, someone who is an expert when it comes to everything BookNow and Salesforce and who will understand you and what you want to achieve out of the solution. Customers will be able to purchase blocks of time for specific tasks, or just to keep some time in the bank for when you need it – there is also the option to purchase a dedicated TAM on a monthly retainer, effectively giving you an extension to your team at BookNow.

They will be responsible for ensuring you get the most out of the solution, be on hand to provide support as soon as you need it and ultimately help ensure BookNow is a resounding success for your business. 

What are the benefits?


Purchase Technical Account Management Time

Purchase time from one of our Technical Account Managers in blocks. To give you a rough guide, for adding products to your environment we’d expect it to be around an hour to two hours depending on complexity. 

£120 per hour

Purchase A Partial Technical Account Manager

For customers who want BookNow to manage most aspects of the solution on their behalf, you can purchase a Technical Account Manager to be shared with yourself and two other customers – perfect for customers who would like BookNow to do the vast majority of the managing of the solution.

£2,500 per month

Purchase A Dedicated Technical Account Manager

The perfect package for larger customers looking for a Technical Account Manager to be responsible solely for your business, effectively giving you a team member directly at BookNow, ensuring you achieve maximum potential with the solution across all of your venues.

£6,000 per month