The Explosion
of Eatertainment

Since launching BookNow Software 5 year ago, the one area we’ve seen considerable growth in from customers is the amount providing quality food & beverage offerings.

With quality food and drink offerings, as well as an activity for guests to take part in, this has coined the term “eatertainment”.

But what is eatertainment?

According to everyone’s favourite AI chatbot in ChatGPT, eatertainment can be summarised as:

“”Eatertainment” is a term used to describe the combination of dining and entertainment. It refers to a dining experience that not only offers food but also provides some form of entertainment or amusement to enhance the overall experience for the customers.”

Why has Eatertainment become so popular?

Firstly, it provides a unique and memorable experience that goes beyond just eating a meal that you get at a restaurant. People are looking for experiences that provide good food, but also meet their desire for entertainment, socialisation, and fun. By combining food and entertainment, eatertainment provides an immersive experience that can create lasting memories for customers. 

Secondly, eatertainment is appealing to the younger generation who value experiences over material items. They are looking for something different and exciting, and eatertainment hits the nail on the head. Restaurants and venues that offer eatertainment are often seen as fun and cool, which can help attract a younger demographic. 

Lastly, the rise of social media has played a significant role in the popularity of eatertainment. Customers are looking for social media-worthy experiences that they can share with their followers. Eatertainment provides the perfect opportunity to snap pictures of unique dishes, fun activities, and shareable moments, which can help promote the venue and attract more customers. 

Overall, eatertainment provides a unique and memorable experience that satisfies the desire for both food and entertainment. Its popularity is driven by the desire for experiences, appeal to younger generations, and the rise of social media.

How to nail the Eatertainment experience

Use software that is capable of managing your activities AND your F&B

Using different pieces of software to manage different aspects of your guest experience can cause a whole host of issues, which we’ve previously covered when talking about why businesses succeed with a platform approach

Not only does this create a more seamless guest experience, but also provides you with more connected marketing data to continue to boost your marketing efforts and continue to grow your business. 

High-Quality Food 

The food is the foundation of any restaurant, including eatertainment businesses. The menu should feature a variety of high-quality dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing. The food should be fresh, flavorful, and well-prepared. Just take a look at the sort of dishes served at Topgolf 😍😍😍

Create an atmosphere that can’t be forgotten

The atmosphere of an eatertainment venue is critical to its success. It should be inviting, visually appealing, comfortable and suit your brand. The lighting, music, and decor should complement the overall theme and provide a cohesive and immersive experience for customers.

One customer we have who absolutely smash this out of the park at Boom Battle Bar. The atmosphere is electric and the way it’s set up only enhances that:

What is the future of eatertainment

The future of eatertainment looks promising as more people seek out unique and engaging dining experiences. Here are some trends that are likely to shape the future of eatertainment: 

Technology Integration

Technology is likely to play a more prominent role in eatertainment venues, with the integration of virtual and augmented reality experiences, interactive games, and other tech-enabled entertainment options. 

Sustainability and Health

As consumers become more conscious of their health and the environment, eatertainment businesses will need to offer sustainable and healthy options on their menu. This includes plant-based food options, locally-sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly practices. 

Hybrid Spaces

The boundaries between traditional restaurants and entertainment venues will continue to blur as eatertainment businesses evolve into hybrid spaces that offer a combination of food, drinks, and entertainment in one location. 

Overall, the future of eatertainment looks exciting as businesses adapt to changing consumer preferences and embrace new technologies and trends to create unique and memorable dining experiences.

If you’re an eatertainment venue, or looking to expand an existing business to fall under this new umbrella then BookNow Software could be the perfect fit for you – just take a look at our product tour by the graphic below. 

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