BookNow Software allows you to manage every aspect of your business, including bookings, commerce and marketing. You can watch a quick product tour by clicking here, or read more about BookNow Software and our online booking system below.

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Solution Benefits

Booking Software

Allow your guests to book online, in-venue or over the phone, with real time availability regardless of where the customer is booking from.

Feature highlights include:

Food, Beverages and Merchandise

BookNow Software is integrated with your kitchen and bar POS, sending orders straight through to staff. Customers can order and pay through their mobile devices by scanning a QR Code, removing the need for excessive staff.

Feature highlights include:


BookNow Software is hardware agnostic, so you can roll it out onto your existing POS hardware – meaning you don’t need to rip out your existing infrastructure.

Feature highlights include:


Sell items through your website, such as gift cards, merchandise, memberships and more.

Feature highlights include:


BookNow Software is built on Salesforce which means our customers also get access to world’s best CRM with their BookNow Software license. Because Salesforce is cloud based, you can login to your system from anywhere in the world without the need for additional hardware or software.

Feature highlights include:

Reporting & Analytics

As mentioned above Salesforce is able to provide reporting and analytics on all aspects of your business, giving you complete insight into performance and places to improve.

Reporting highlights include:


Backed by Salesforce’s built in marketing features, and the ability to integrate with thousands of other applications, your marketing has the potential to be more powerful than ever before.

Feature highlights include:


View some of our customers favourite integrations here.

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