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As well as the ability to sell bookings and reservations through your website, customers using BookNow Software are also able to set up a webstore allowing you to sell products through their website too.

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boost trampoline gift cards

Solutions during unprecedented times

During the pandemic, a lot of our customers were forced to close by their local governments – thinking on how the BookNow solution could offer value during the this unprecedented period, we rolled out new features that would allow our eCommerce functionality to work more intelligently. 

Creative customers thinking on their feet

This rollout saw customers selling gift cards, food deliveries, sweet hampers and even face masks! Whilst the eCommerce functionality is used for purchasing products this way, it also allows our customers to sell additional products during the booking process, such as pre-ordering food or reserving products for their visit.

BookNow Software analytics


And just like everything else on the BookNow Software platform, your sales metrics can be viewed in our detailed reporting and analytics suite, giving you the most data possible when it comes to making business decisions. 

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