Gift Card & Voucher System

As mentioned on our eCommerce section, BookNow customers are able to sell gift cards online or in venue, with these redeemable for bookings or on other products, thanks to our intelligent and easy to use gift card software.

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Increase income with our gift card system

With our gift card management software, you can have a range of options that suit your business, from an unlimited range of pricing options and the ability to allow your guests to purchase gifts card online, over the phone or in store, the BookNow Software gift card management system is perfect for your business. 

Gift cards make the perfect gift for someone looking to send an experience, so it’s a no brainer to have these on sale through your webstore as it has no extra cost to you as a business to do so – in fact it’s just more revenue! With BookNow your guests can then redeem the gift card online, over the phone or in store.

View the success of gift cards and vouchers

Like everything else in BookNow Software, reporting tools will give you insight into the performance of gift cards, from what % of bookings they make, most frequently used times and any other piece of data you could imagine. Likewise with promotional codes, you can measure how successful they are depending on whether you use them as a part of a marketing campaign or student discount campaign.

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Booking System for trampoline parks

Use promotions & vouchers to entice your customers back

BookNow Software also allows you to manage promotional codes for your guests, for example send out automated marketing emails to customers wishing them a happy birthday with an additional 15% off bookings for the month, with this all being managed by BookNow Software automatically.

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