BookNow provides customers the platform they need to market to their guests, not only with native marketing features, but also the ability to integrate with third party marketing solutions giving you a fully integrated platform to manage your business.

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Marketing solutions

Automated marketing that delivers results

Set up marketing automation campaign to hit your customers at key times, such as after a visit to one of your venues to boost revisitation, or birthday promotional codes – the beauty of automation is you set it up once, and then let it continue to work for you without having to revisit it, giving you back valuable time. 

Track ROI on advertising

BookNow Software also integrates with the most popular marketing platforms you likely use, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, allowing you to track conversions and measure the success of your marketing efforts on those platforms.

BookNow Google Ads
booknow marketing integrations

Integrate with your favourite platforms

Each marketing manager will have their own preferred marketing solutions, and BookNow can easily integrate with these, from Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor and everything in between, the solution will allow you to leverage the data in BookNow and Salesforce to fuel your marketing efforts.

Test to maximise conversions

Use A/B testing to ensure you’re using the right messaging with the campaigns you choose to send to customers.

reporting and analytics

Data backed marketing actions

Marketing departments can use the unparalleled reporting and analytics of BookNow Software to make sure every decision made is data fuelled.

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