Multi Location Management

Built with making multi-location management as easy as possible, BookNow Software is the perfect booking system for businesses with multiple locations - no matter what countries they're in.

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Manage your whole business from one place

With BookNow Software, the power is in your hands – make changes in bulk to as many of your locations as you wish, or changes at an individual level, along with permission access to local managers. Perfect for multi-location management. 

Control Access

Grant permissions at different levels so users can only access what you want them to, and restrict access to everything to select users – you can also delegate administrators at a local level too, as alluded to above. 

Get the whole picture - or the small picture

Generate reports at an individual location or multiple locations, giving you insight into your whole business, or granular details at individual or regional levels. The beauty of having one system managing all locations if you have complete insight into the whole business performance and trends. 

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Franchise Management

BookNow makes managing franchisees far easier than ever before, thanks to the ability to “whitelabel” the solution and the options to set permissions in place when it comes to features and so forth, giving your franchisees independence whilst still ensuring you’re in overall control should you wish. 

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