Self Service

Clearly, the coronavirus had a huge impact on customer behaviour - the biggest of which was the revival of QR Codes from the dead, with customers scanning the codes and ordering the food and drink required straight to the table.

happy customer

Happier Customers

This ended up becoming something customers loved – it made the whole process easier for guests, so of course it only made sense that we introduced it to our solution so our customers could provide great customer service to their guests.

Orders sent straight through to the kitchen

This allows customers in your venue to place and pay for an order on their mobile devices, sending orders straight through to your kitchen and/or bar.


Reduce overheads, increase revenue

Not only does this make your customers lives easier, but it also means you can reduce your staff overheads with the self booking managing aspects of your business.

Allow guests to check themselves in

Outside of placing food orders, you can also use BookNow to manage the check-in process of your business.


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