Whilst waivers won’t be needed for every BookNow customer, for our customers in the trampoline park and FEC space waivers are absolutely necessary, and we understand the importance given our background in the trampoline park industry.

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Making your life, and your customers lives easier

Keep the waiver process simple for your customers, with them filling out waivers during their booking and then a quick self service QR code scan matching them with their waiver when they check in, reducing bottlenecks in your venue.

Understand your customers like never before

Waivers also allows marketers and business owners to understand exactly who is in their venue and when – not just the person booking. This allows you to build invaluable customer information to use for marketing and business decisions.

Booking System for trampoline parks


Waivers also allow you to build a picture of your revisitation rate, one of the most important metrics for businesses in the family entertainment industry.

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