What multi-activity venues need from a booking and management system

Whilst BookNow Software works across a wide range of sectors, one area we see continued growth from is multi-activity venue businesses from Boom Battle Bar in the UK, to iCompeteX (pictured above) in the USA.

When looking at why this is, we think there are three main reasons:

  • The flexibility of the Software means it can be tailored to suit a wide range of requirements
  • Continued development of the solution means BookNow Software grows with multi-activity locations, not against them
  • BookNow Software is incredibly feature rich, giving operators everything required on one platform

Exploring each of the above and how operators with multiple activities in their locations leverage them, let’s start with the one we think is arguably most key to you, and your customers alike; booking flexibility.

Booking Flexibility

We understand flexibility in the leisure and entertainment industry is key – staying agile allows you to react to trends, and maximise revenue from your customer base.

One area we find customers need this flexibility is when it comes to building and offering bundles to their customers, and the ability to allow customers to add multiple sessions to their bookings.

For example, looking at the latter we work with a number of multi-activity centres that offer things like axe throwing, indoor golf and shuffle board. It’s very likely that their customers will want to do a few of these activities when visiting, so the booking system they use must allow customers to make multiple activity bookings in one booking, with flexibility around the times they book.

Additionally, you may want to offer preset bundles that group packages together at a slightly lower cost than booking them separately – meaning you’re more likely to get customers spending more as they’ll see value in it.

Furthermore, you need flexibility in your system when it comes assigning asset availability. Let’s say you operate venues which offer VR darts and an escape room. If someone makes a booking for 20 people, you need a system that is able to intelligently assign the correct amount of people to lanes for the darts, and then work out how many people can be assigned to a room – allowing you to avoid having to do the maths on the day and work out who needs to be where and when.

These assets can be shared across products, so if the room is connected to 6 other products, and someone books the last remaining room then they all become available. This gives operators a highly intelligent system that allows for the most efficient managing of multi-activity venues, giving you happier customers and time back on admin. 

Continued development

As your business grows, you want to ensure that the software providers you use continue to grow with you.

So how can you tell if your solution is growing with you or against you?

Does the platform receive constant investment in terms of new features?
As your business grows, you’re likely going to require new features. For example, we rolled out a QR Code initiated self service menu in 2020 in response to the pandemic and based on what our customers needed to maximise business revenue.

Additionally, most good software providers will also have a roadmap of how their solution will grow, and a timeline of when new features will be rolled out – it’s always great for you to see this as a customer, to see where your chosen solution is going.

Do “legacy” customers receive the same treatment as new customers?
One thing we often hear about from speaking to customers looking to move to BookNow Software from alternative providers is that they don’t receive the same service of newer customers – whether that’s struggling to get questions around the solution answered, or feeling forced to upgrade an existing licence for new features that are rolled out, that may not have been a part of the solution when you first signed up.

That’s why with BookNow Software, we only offer one licence that gives you everything – why should customers be penalised for purchasing a licence in the past?

Does the platform provider take feature requests?
One area we think is key for software providers to succeed is to offer feature requests – not only does this benefit the software provider in knowing what it is that their customer base wants most, but also allows the customer to feel like they have some stake and ownership within the solution they’re using.

As you can see when you have a platform that grows with you, it makes it easier for you to roll out new activities, new locations, update how you market to customers and much more – ultimately making your life easier.

Feature Rich


When it comes to bookings, multi-activity venues are able to use BookNow Software to take bookings online, over the phone or via walk-ins – all super straightforward.

However, the real value when it comes to booking with BookNow is the intelligence when allowing customers to combine activities as mentioned previously – it’s this which separates the solution from competitors, and gives multi-activity operators what they need to provide a flexible booking solution. You can click here to read more about that in depth.


Most multi-activity centres offer a huge range of food and drink, and as such need an EPOS that is able to keep up.

Our focus with our EPOS is to ensure it offers extreme usability to staff, offering a simple and clear user interface but also packed with the features needed for business with a wide offering.

Finally, we made sure to make our EPOS hardware agnostic, meaning all that’s required is an internet connection, meaning BookNow Software can easily slot into your existing environment.


From our experience, the key behind a successful business is understanding your data, taking away key insights and using that information to improve your business.

Leveraging the power of Salesforce, BookNow is able to provide detailed reporting on every single aspect of your business – from most popular products, most popular times, best second line spend items, your most popular locations… and basically anything else you can think of.

Marketing & CRM

Having Salesforce’s CRM as a part of booking & venue management solution gives you access to the best CRM in the world, and all of the customer insights that come with it. This allows you to strategically target your customer base depending on the information captured and within your CRM.

BookNow Software comes with marketing functionality built in, as well as the ability to integrate it with your favourite marketing solutions like Hubspot, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign – as well as the 10,000+ solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Having a fully integrated solution set up like this allows you to keep all of your data in sync with each other, with information transferred across and synced with external solutions, saving your staff valuable admin time and giving you the full picture.

Self Service

During the pandemic one of the most popular features we rolled out was our QR Code and self service menu functionality, allowing guests to simply scan a QR Code on their table and place their food and drink order via their mobile device, sending orders straight to your kitchen.

Not only do customers prefer this as it makes their lives easier, but it also offers a number of operational benefits to your business such as reduced overheads required for staff as orders are taken via the self service menu – not to mention the fact that the average order value is proven to be larger.

Ultimately, a modern multi-activity centre is going to see huge value in implementing a self service menu functionality, both in customer satisfaction and the bottom line of the business.

Ultimately, when choosing a venue management solution for a multi-activity venue you need to make sure that you’re choosing a platform that is:

  • Powerful
  • Flexible
  • Continuous evolution
  • Feature rich

Get this combo right, and your venues will see the benefit across the board. 

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