Why you should use a Salesforce Booking System

As we’ve previously mentioned, one of the reasons for us developing BookNow Software was due to our frustrations with the other offerings on the market when we were the owners of our own indoor entertainment business, finding they lacked the features and intelligence we needed as business owners at the time.

Prior to owning his indoor entertainment business, our CEO had owned a software company before selling it and it was this industry experience and knowledge that led us to make the decision to build our booking system on Salesforce.

We know not all entertainment and leisure businesses will be familiar with Salesforce, so we’ve listed just a few of the main benefits to using a Salesforce backed solution below to provide some insight.

What is a Salesforce Booking System?

A Salesforce booking system is the easiest way for customers to make bookings with your business and instantly have their booking information sync with the world’s most powerful CRM – Salesforce! This allows businesses such as activity centers, hospitality businesses and much more to have one integrated ecosystem, and use Salesforce to track reporting and analytics, as well as market to your database. 

Below are just a few reasons we think all businesses would benefit from a Salesforce Booking System.

Ease of use

As the world’s biggest CRM, Salesforce has to be intuitive to use based on the differing IT skills of all of the users likely to be using it. This has resulted in a solution which is incredibly easy to use and understand, no matter your skill level of software solutions. In fact, Salesforce themselves present ease of use as a key selling point stating Salesforce is synonymous with ‘ease of use’ – Something that should underpin any software solution.

And if you do run into something you’re not sure on, our Customer Success team are more than happy to help.

Cloud based

Because Salesforce is a cloud based solution, you can login from any device anywhere in the world without the need for additional software.

This doesn’t tie you or your colleagues to any one set location to access your system or mean you have to worry about any hardware upgrades impacting the booking and management system as all you need to login in as an internet connection and a browser!


Thanks to the Salesforce Appexchange you have access to over 10,000 applications that can help your business – this allows you to build your perfect software ecosystem.

The Appexchange features integrations that would be used by marketing (Mailchimp and Active Campaign for example), accounting/finance (Quickbooks and Xero) and even customer service (SurveyVista).

On top of the integrations listed on the Appexchange, BookNow Software is able to integrate with any other solution that has an API, making it very easy to tailor the solution to your software ecosystem. You can take a look at our listing on the Appexchange here, and explore what other solutions may work for your Salesforce environment.

One purchase for a CRM and Booking Software

You’ll automatically get access to everything Salesforce comes with included in your BookNow Software license so there’s no need to have to separate licenses for your CRM and booking system, this also works out far more cost-effective to you as a business, giving you both an industry leading CRM and booking system at a far cheaper cost than having both separate.

Limitless reporting

With powerful reporting capabilities you’re able to thoroughly view all aspects of your business, and set up easy to use dashboard views, viewing all of your businesses key performance indicators in one place.

If you own multiple locations you can easily tailor these reports to be location specific or view your business as a whole.

If you are a larger business, each department can set up their own specific reports, giving your marketing, finance and operations teams the insight they need to make informed decisions and ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency.


As a business owner, you want a solution that can grow with your business, so when you take on more products or offerings or expand your location list, it’s as easy as pie to make those changes on your system.

Because the backend of BookNow Software is built on Salesforce, adding new products or offerings to your system couldn’t be easier and allows you to roll out per location or to all of your locations.

In terms of adding new locations, there is a clone site function in BookNow Software that enables customers to replicate an existing site in totality at the click of a button, meaning the roll out is not only free, it’s fast too!

Automation and flows

One feature of Salesforce that we’ve leveraged for customers is the ability to build flows to automate simple system admin tasks. For example booking confirmation emails, gift card email dispatch and birthday promotional emails are just some of automations we see customers set up in their Salesforce environment.

However it isn’t just limited to this, you can also try your own flow configurations based on what your business needs from its booking and management software – these can be as simple or granular as you like, with some of the more detailed ones looking something like the below.

We hope this gives you some insight into how you can use the power of Salesforce and BookNow in your business, but if you have any questions or would like to know more then get in touch via the form below.

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