Why your adventure park needs a membership scheme

We have recently looked at some of the things adventure parks need to consider when reopening as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and one area we touched on was having a membership offering.

We wanted to expand on that as it’s one area we see growing exponentially, and absolutely something that a booking system needs to have in 2021. Here are just 6 things to consider when implementing, or revamping, a membership offering.

Increase in guaranteed revenue
Having someone commit to an upfront membership means you are guaranteed a consistent amount from them per month, or however often you look to charge them. Clearly this is important year round, but more so now when clawing back as much customer spending after the past 10 months is more integral than ever.

Increase footfall of new customers
If someone is already a member of your trampoline park or entertainment venue, it’s likely they’ll suggest you as a place to visit as part of a larger group – why not if payment for their visit is already covered with their membership? This then brings in new customers for you. You can further entice this by offering a discount for member’s guests.

Provide your best food and beverage offers for your members
It’s a good idea to reward your most loyal customers with your best rewards, so why not offer them something like 10% off all food and drink inside your venue? Or a rewards scheme where every three food purchases they make, they get a freebie raising in value, e.g. free drink, free free and finally a free meal? If you don’t want to commit to year round discounts, you could always use the marketing tool of the booking system to hit them with discounts at specific points of the year. You can read more about the benefits of a good food and drink offering here.

Multiple location membership
If you’re a business which has multiple locations, why not offer a membership that allows entry at all of your venues? We find this is most successful if you have venues in holiday hotspots, as people away from home will be looking for places to take their children to keep them entertained – and grab a coffee!

Tiered membership
Finally you might want to consider a tiered membership scheme, where the higher the tier the more bonuses a customer gets. So alluding to the point we made earlier about receiving discounts on food and drink, why not increase the amount dependent on membership tier?

Gold – 15% discount on food and drink
Silver – 10% discount on food and drink
Bronze – 5% discount on food and drink

An intelligent booking & management system and CRM to manage your customers
It’s important that you can easily manage your membership database, both from knowing when renewals are due, and getting reporting data on how often your members are using their membership. As mentioned above, you’ll also want to market to these customers so you ideally want a booking system that lets you send out marketing correspondence. With BookNow Software’s booking system being built on Salesforce, you get all of this included in your solution.

We hope this gives you an insight into how you get the most out of a membership offering as you re-open and what you should expect from a booking system, if you’d like to find out how the BookNow Software solution works to manage memberships please get in touch using the form below.

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